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WAEC Mathematics Trial Questions
WAEC March 13, 2020 • 10 months ago • No Comment Yet

WAEC Mathematics Trial Questions


If twice a certain number plus four is divided by the sum of four times another and 2, we get 4. If the difference between the first number and the second number is 9. Find the numbers.
The ages of a man and his two sons Kofi and John are in the ratio 12 : 4 : 3, if the difference between the ages of Kofi and John is 5yrs, find
a. the ages of each of them
b. the sum of the ages of the man and Kofi.
If a gas cooker is sold at a profit rate of 12% for GHC 246.40, calculate:
a. the cost price
b. the profit made
c. the loss rate assuming the gas cooker was sold at GHC 200.00
In a class of 60 students, the number of students who passed Biology is 6 more than the number of students who passed Chemistry. Every student passed at least one of the two subjects and 8 students passed both subjects.
a. illustrate this information on a venn diagram.
b. How many students passed
i. chemistry ii. Biology
iii. only chemistry iv. only Biology
Find the percentage of the students who passed exactly one subject only
Three coins are thrown at once. Find the probability of getting
a. 3 tails
b. at most 2 tails
c. exactly 2 heads
d. at a head
If Z varies as the square root of X and Z = 21.6 when X = 9, find
a. the relation between Z and X
b. Z, when X = 5.6, correct your answer to 2 sig figures.
c. X, when Z = 43.2.
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