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WAEC Physics Sample Questions
WAEC March 13, 2020 • 11 months ago • No Comment Yet

WAEC Physics Sample Questions

*1* A piece of metal of relative density 5.0 weighs 60N in air. Calculate its weight when fully immersed in water.
A. 4N
B. 5N
C. 48N
D. 60 N
*2* Which of the ff is the unit of work?
A. N
B. kg
C. W
D. J
*3* The tendency of a body to remain at rest or to continue its state of uniform motion is called…
A. resistance
B. friction
C. inertia
D. tension
*4* Which of the ff type of motion is predominant in the molecules of a gas sealed in a tube?
A. Rectilinear
B. Random
C. Circular
D. Oscillatory
*5* Which of the following indicates a change of state of matter?
A. Cooling
B. Warming
C. Drying
D. Melting
*6* The slope of the straight line displacement time graph indicates…
A. distance traveled
B. uniform velocity
C. uniform acceleration
D. acceleration at instant
*7* A ball is thrown vertically upwards from the ground with an initial velocity of 50ms-¹. What is the total time spent by the ball in the air?
A. 2.5s
B. 5.0s
C. 10.0s
D. 15.0s
*8* Which of the ff affects the period of oscillation of a simple pendulum?
A. Length of the string
B. Angle of swing of the string
C. Mass of the bob
D. Amplitude of the oscillation
*9* The unit of impulse is
A. Js
B. Js-¹
C. Ns
D. Ns-¹
*10* A stone is tied to a string and whirled round. What type of motion does the system execute?
A. Rotational
B. Spin
C. Simple harmonic
D. *
*1* a) Explain with the aid of a diagram what is meant by the _moment of a force_ about a point
b) i) State the conditions of equilibrium for a number of coplaner-parallel forces.
ii) A metre rule is found to balance at the 48cm mark. Whaen a body of mass 60g is suspended at the 6cm mark, the balance point is found to be at the 30cm mark. _Calculate_
ã) the mass of the metre rule [80g]
å) the distance of the balance point from tje zero end. If the body were moved to the 13cm mark [33cm]
C) i) State 2 factors that determine the pressure at a point in a liquid.
ii) With the aid of a diagram, describe the operation of a siphon.
*2* a) i) Distinguish between temperature and heat. State the units in which they are measured
ii) State 2 physical properties used for measuring temperature.
b) i) Describe, with the aid of a diagram how the upper fixed point is determined by a mercury in glass thermometer. State one precaution to ensure accurate results.
ii) State one advantage which a constant-volume gas thermometer and one reason why it is seldon used as an everyday laboratory instrument.
C) Using the kinetic theory of matter, explain why evaporation causes cooling.
*3* a) i) Explain the phenomenon of resonance as applied to sound.
ii) What are the effects of temperature and pressure on the speed of sound in air?
iii) A tube of length 27.5cm is closed at one end. If it resonates with a tuning fork of frequency 262Hz, calculate the end correction of the tube. [Take the speed of sound in air as 330ms-¹] [0.04m]
b) Describe an experiment to determine the focal length of converging lens by the dis placement method.
c) State two similarities and two differences between the human eye and the photographic camera.
*4* a) i) What is meant by neutral point in a magnetic field?
ii) Draw and label a diagram to show the pattern and direction of the magnetic field produced around a straight current-carrying wire.
b) When is an ammeter said to be
C) i)Explain using a labeled diagram how a delicate material could be protected from the earth’s magnetic field.
D) State the laws of electromagnetic induction.
*5* a) What are semiconductors?
b)Distinguish between intrisinic and extrasinic semiconductor.
C) Explain the movement of charge carriers at a p-n junction and show how this can be
i) increased
ii) decreased
illustrate with a current-voltage
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