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WAEC Social Studies Trial Questions 2
WAEC March 1, 2020 • 11 months ago • No Comment Yet

WAEC Social Studies Trial Questions 2

1) Define the importance of the bride price in customary marriage.
2) Describe how a child is traditionally named in one Ghanaian society.
3a) Explain the term ” Environmental Degradation
3b) Enumerate four forms of environmental degradation
3c) Explain four causes of environmental degradation
4)Examine the problems that arises as a results of civil wars in Africa.
5) how does the age and sex structure of Ghana affect its growth?
5b) Examine four negative work attitudes that have to be discouraged in the Ghanaian worker.
6)Discuss four causes of indiscipline among the youth and suggest solutions to these problems.
7) How do traditional festivals portray the cultural heritage of Ghanaians
8)Discuss the factors which hinders the full realization of the educational rights of the Ghanaian child.
9)what is constitutional rule
9b) Discuss four ways through which the constitution of Ghana can be protected.
10) what is partnership?
b) Explain two advantages and two disadvantages of a partnership.
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