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Official 2020 WAEC Agricultural Science Specimens Now Available
WAEC August 15, 2020 • 5 months ago • One Comment

West Africa Examination Council, WAEC Agricultural Science Specimens Now Available Here.
WAEC 2018: May/June WASSCE Agricultural Science Specimens Available Here
Below is the Official Waec 2020 Agricultural Science practical Specimen provided by WAEC official and distributed to all schools that are seating for this year’s WAEC Examination..

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Official WAEC Agricultural Science Specimens

  1. (a) The provision of specimens, materials and equipment for the test is your responsibility.
    (i) Where a specimen is not readily available in sufficient quantity, it should be shared among small groups of candidates.
    (ii) Each candidate should be provided with the following specimens labelled accordingly:

A: Hoe;
B: Pick axe;
C: Spanner;
D: Budding knife;
E: Burdizzo;
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For specimen F, you are requested to get 50 g of sandy loam soil and put it in a 250 C1713 measuring cylinder. Add 200 CM’ of water to the soil in the measuring cylinder. Add small quantity (a few drops) of hydrogen peroxide to the content of the measuring cylinder in order to bleak soil lumps.
Stir the contents in the measuring cylinder with a stiffer/glass rod vigorously.
Allow the contents to settle for 24 hours.
Label the experimental set-up F.
G: Cassava tuber (fresh);
H: Yam tuber;
I: Onion bulbs
J: Pepper fruits;
K: Tilapia;
L: Catfish;
M: Milk;
N: Lime (calcium carbonate) (labelled).
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3. Report Forms are provided separately on which you are requested to: (a) supply details of the specimens and materials provided;
(b) report on any particular difficulties experienced by any candidate especially if the examiner would be unable to discover these from the scripts;
(c) make and record experimental observations.

  1. You must enclose a completed Report Form in each envelope of scripts.


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