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WAEC GCE 2016 (Practical And Physical) Geography Questions & Answers Now Available
WAEC September 15, 2016 • 4 years ago • One Comment

Map scale = 1:50:000
Map distance =20.5cm
Ground distance =20.5/1 * 50,000/10,000 * 50,000/100,000
20.5/1 * 1/4 =5.125km

-Transportation due to presence of roads network 
-Trading due to presence of market

  • The settlement avoid hilling area of the mapped area 

  • Road network are also seen to avoid  the mountain area 

  • River valley are located on the hilling side of the mapped area 

  • Deltain area are located at the southern part of the mapped area

  • =========================
    Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or an object.It is measured with thermometer
    As height or altitudes increases,temperature decreases.hence for every 100metres of ascent,temperature decreases by 0.65 degrees celcius or 1 degrees celcius for approximately 160metres of ascent.The decrease in temperature with increasing elevation is called lapse rate
    Town A:
    Height=sea level
    Town B:
    Height=4000m above sea level
    Recall 1C=160m
    Therefore the temperature of town B is 25 degrees celcius
    It can happen in thin layers on individual boulders, or it can take place in thick slabs as it does here, at Enchanted Rock in Texas. Rock breaks apart in layers that are parallel to the earth’s surface; as rock is uncovered, it expands (due to the lower confining pressure) resulting in exfoliation.
    1-water falls
    3-V.shape valley
    4-Vertical erosion
    Oxbowlake:It is usually at the lower course of a river due to the deposition of sediments carried by the river.It is a cresent shaped lakes formed by the running water through a meadow reek.As the river wideans it becomes more noticeable,the reek between two bend of the meadow become reduced
    Abrasion is the sand blasting action of loose particles which are driven against exposed rock surfaces, scratching such surfaces and wearing them off
    6aii)Attrition is the process whereby the rock particles in motion are worn and reduced in size by their constant collision with one another as well as with obstacles on their way and with the river bed itself
    6aiii)Deflation is the blowing away of loose particles lying on the ground.Deflation hollows or depression may occur as a result of such concentrated work work of wind erosion
    6b)Image below
    Features-Long gentle slope
                     -steep forward edge
                    -wind eddy steepens the leeward side
    -Earth quake
    -Volcanic Eruptions

    Chemical reactions involving air pollutants
    can create acidic compounds which can cause
    harm to vegetation and buildings.

    Rain can carry and deposit the Nitrogen in some pollutants on rivers and soils. This will adversely affect the nutrients in the soil and water bodies. This can result in algae growth in lakes and water bodies, and make conditions for other living organism harmful.

    Chemical reactions involving air pollutants create a poisonous gas ozone (O3). Gas Ozone can affect people’s health and can damage vegetation types and some animal life too.
    -Tall chimneys should be installed in factories.
    -Better designed equipment and smokeless fuels should be used in homes and industries.
    -Renewable and non- polluting sources of energy like solar energy,wind energy,etc,should be used.
    (i) Volcanic eruption
    (ii) Earthquakes
    (iii) Tornadoes
    (i) Air pollution causes impaired health such as the irritation of eyes, lungs and skin cancer
    (ii) It causes suffocation
    (iii) It can cause accidents as a result of poor visibility
    (i) Chemical waste should be discharged high into the air through fume chambers
    (ii) Industries should be sited away from residential houses
    (iii) Provision of filters or absorbers to reduce pollutants from waste gasese
    i  It leads to formation of rainfall 
    ii It brings about cool or mild weather 
    iii It reduces amount of solar radiation by scattering harmful rays
    6ai)Abrasion is the sand blasting action of loose particles which are driven against exposed rock surfaces, scratching such surfaces and wearing them off
    Draw map of Africa
    -locate river nile and
    -the aswan high dam and
    kariba dam
    -they provide employment oppotunities
    -they provide oceanic food
    -they aid movement of people from one place to another
    -they are limited due to their seasonal nature
    -they are characterise due to their highg dendritics tricks
    -they are swallow in nature

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